The history of Taiji                   


From available data, Taichi appeared in  Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). In the subsequent years foreign invasions and civil wars stimulated the diffusion of martial arts among the people, by which time a new form of boxing evolved. Instead of quick movements and strong vigorous punches, some gentle, slow movements one after another in uninterrupted rhythmic harmony developed. Among the founders, Chen Wang Ting made outstanding contributions. He created many routines, and the basic theories are still generally accepted today.


Late in the 18th century Wang Zong Yue, a great master of martial arts, summed up this new boxing style. In his book, this boxing was first given the formal name of “Tai Ji Quan”, where “Quan” means fist. Up until 100 years ago, Taichi was only practiced in the countryside. In 1852 Yang Lu Chen started to teach Taichi in Beijing and thereafter it spread rapidly throughout China.