Basic     Yang Style      16 Forms

          Yang Style      24 Forms

Advanced1 Yang Competition 40 Forms

          Sword Play     32 forms

Advanced2 Competition     42 Forms

          Sword Play     42 forms

Advanced3 Taichi Fan       52 Forms

          Gongfu Fan     56 Forms

          Wu Style 13 Dao 40 Forms

          WuDang Sword  49 forms


Yang Style 16 forms

This is a new Taiji quan (fist) form of only 20 years old. It is made for grading of second duan. It is easy to learn, no difficult movement, and evenly exercise every part your body.

This 3 minutes routine is for the beginners. It will take about 8 weeks to finish.

Yang Style 24 forms

It is a Taiji quan form created in 1957. It is a simplified form from the very old ones. It is a very popular routine and you can easily find books or DVDs for it. Compare to 16, it has some difficult movements.

This 4 minutes routine is used for grading of third duan.


Yang Style competition 40 forms

This is a relatively new form, created in 1980’s for the increasing demand of high level competition. It has 40 forms covering most of the good movements of Yang style taichi quan. Obviously, it contains difficult movements.

This is a good exercise for your body.

Sword Play 32 forms

Taiji sword is a combination of sword and taiji quan. This routine is based on Yang style taiji sword. It is also a simplified form. It is used for grading of fourth duan. The movements are slow and flow, simple and open. Sword play sounds aggressive, in fact, it looks more graceful than any other quan (fist) routines.

It looks more like a dancing than a fighting.


Competition Taichi Quan 42 forms

This is a routine made for competition. It is new and a bit long. It is good because it contains 5 different styles of taiji. They are Yang, Chen, Sun, Wu and Xing Yi. It gives you a fresh feeling.

All of the competition routines are difficult to learn if done properly.

It is also a routine for grading of high duan levels.


Taichi / Gongfu Fan

Fan is a tool for giving some moving air to cool down body temperature. It has been using as a weapon in the past. There are some traditional Fan routines. These Taichi Fan and Gongfu Fan are composed by eight duan master LiDeYin. In 2002, when Beijing is competing the 2008 Olympic, 2008 retired people performed Taichi Fan at Tian An Men Square.

Taichi/Gongfu Fan contains a big variety of movements. The slow part is taichi and the fast part is gongfu – mainly long fist. It reflects sword, stick, saber and includes taiji(yang, chen, sun, wu), bagua and long fist.

They are long and difficult. The Taichi Fan is slower, and the Gongfu Fan is faster. It gives you a good exercise. Once you get it you enjoy it.


Wu Styly Shisan Dao Play

Dao means knife, one side blade sword or saber. It’s a common use weapon in the history. If we say sword play is graceful,  Dao will be graceful plus some valorous.

Wu style is slightly different from Yang style. It turns more.

This Dao routine is a traditional one and recently gets popular. It is not difficult to learn, but it’s difficult to perform it typically Wu style.


Wu Dang Taichi Sword 49 forms

This traditional routine is a mixture of taichi sword and wudang sword. It’s composed by late Master Litianji long time ago. It is faster but very graceful.

It is long and also difficult do learn.